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Glint in the Eye - Albino Vicar


I write in constrained circumstances, but born 4th of 6 kids, an albino freshie, I am used to that.

Wearing my bro's faded turd uniform at Grammar was good. Burridge couldn't catch a cold. But Crump and Moreton could. Pre-pandemic humour. Then the (Paul) Boss in Noumea - Daffy bringing home the pyrex......Syms doing a Fox (Ryan) and going to Virtus Pollet......lest us forget.....golfing mana, whanau to care , fair enuf.....

Still wearing no shoes by choice because kids can.....wear no shoes by Nth Shore choice....I bused in from the Shore. Lost mates, lost dates, harden up the ticker.

You are a Presbyterian, son, your emblem hearkens from the wicker.

Glint in the eye, step of his left. Get into the gown, first instance - one Ref.

And remember your Mum takes bread from the Vicar. Fr Tapu. But the real muscle in Mangere Bridge was Christina ......JP. Two very similar families -