Administrative Law (specialist area)

This area of law includes public or constitutional law and especially involves judicial review applications either under the Judicature Amendment Act 1972 or the High Court Rules 2008. Recent disputes include:

  • Case stated in Wellington HC - refusal of NZSSA to grant costs of counselling to a beneficiary
  • Judicial Review of refusal by Immigration and Protection Tribunal to recognise protected person/ refugee status (multiple cases in HC and CA))
  • Judicial review of termination of tenancies by Housing New Zealand (settled)
  • Tax Administration Act 1994 relief – Commissioner of Inland Revenue (settled)
  • Judicial review of decisions by Real Estate Agents Authority to investigate an agent (time for providing information) (settled)
  • Purported liquidation of an incorporated sports club and transfer of assets (settled - transfer back of assets)
  • Unlawful elections and unlawful amendment to a constitution by a publicly funded health-orientated incorporated society (Sanders v Hepatitis C NZ Inc HC Auckland CIV-2010-404-3560 15 October 2010)